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Elite Equine Products is a performance driven & innovative young company providing the equine industry with the best premium quality products in the equine market place

Elite Equine Recruitment

Elite Equine Recruitment specialise in providing the most suitable candidates to the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.

We are continuously expanding, operating across Australia and are very proud to be seeing repeat registrants to our site with stories of employment success.

Our aim was always, and continues to be, to create a place online for like-minded professional horse people, their sole aim being to secure a fulfilling and enjoyable place of work.

We want our clients to be able to engage our services at a reasonable cost and receive a first class experience at Elite Equine Recruitment.

Candidate Sectors

Blue Collar 88-day workers - Experienced Horse People, Gardening, Carpenters, Fencing, Maintenance.

Blue Collar Agricultural & Farming - Farmer, Gardener, Livestock, Agronomist, Maintenance.

White Collar Professional Equine Specialists - Vets, Equine Nurses, Management, Marketing, Financial, Bloodstock, IT Manager.

Equine Bootcamp Training programs - for new people interested in joining the horse thoroughbred industry.

Get in contact with our recruitment team today and let us know which recruitment sector best suits your business needs.

Our team can provide advertising, screening and arranging interviews with the selected applicants.

Contact us now on 0406 917 991 or email gemma@eliteequineproducts.com.au to discuss your staff requirements and obtain our rates, terms and conditions.


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"We have installed Easyfix's Max Grip Interlocking mats in our serving barn. The mats were used as our breeding surface proving to be both hard wearing and soft under foot for both mares and stallions.

As a result we installed these mats in the stripping shed or our training facility in Canungra QLD, Easyfix Kentucky Walker tiles in both our ten horse walker and our water walker and are about to install the Easyfix Max Grip mats to the breezeway of our barns and walkways within our training complex."

Scott Flinn - Assistant Manager

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