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Land and Sea Horse Walker

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Land and Sea Horse Walker

Horse exercisers are an essential element on yards of all equestrian disciplines


Training with Horse Exercisers The horsewalker has been since the middle of the 20th century an important element in every farm. We guess that a lot of breeders realized the benefits of having their horses exercised. Horse exercisers are an essential element on yards of all equestrian disciplines. There are several reasons for using a horse walker. To give a horse the fresh air and moving freedom when he doesn’t have the facilities to go in the fields for example. But also It can be seen as an extra training for the animal. A horse that has a good stamina is far less likely to get injured. Molenkoning walkers can benefit the health, physical condition and competences of your horses. Hoof problems are a typical consequence of horses being kept by humans.


  • Improves stamina, general fitness and muscle tone
  • Perfect for cross training and recruiting new muscle groups
  • Builds back muscles and encourages self-carriage
  • Reduces inflammation, swellings and soreness in joints and tendons
  • Enhances healing of superficial cuts and grazes
  • Promotes improved blood circulation through the legs
  • Works abdominal musculature and strengthens top line
  • Increases range of movement and stride length
  • Develops core stability